What is the Right of Appraisal Clause

You Have the Right to Dispute Your Car Insurance Company’s Appraisal

The Right of Appraisal Clause allows you, as a policyholder, to dispute the estimate provided by your insurance company. When the Appraisal Clause is evoked, both you and your insurance company each select an unbiased appraiser. These appraisers will go before an Umpire, who will determine the fair and reasonable amount.

They Must Return Your Vehicle to Pre-Accident Condition

What every consumer needs to realize is that all insurance policies provide that your vehicle is to be returned to pre-accident condition, with parts that equal to, or better than the parts that they’re replacing.

Many times, the initial estimate your insurance company gives you won’t provide enough to restore your vehicle to pre-accident condition. Fortunately, you’re not at the mercy of this initial estimate, and the Appraisal Clause gives you an avenue to receive the proper repairs your policy provides for.

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